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Custom left handed Telecaster Guitar, Blonde


Bought used by him in 1994, this telecaster is one of the longest standing members of Mike's guitar family - having appeared on stages and recordings dating right back to the earliest days of his career!

Spec comprises of -

Left handed Tokai body with well worn and beaten blonde finish.

Maple neck with maple cap fingerboard and U shape neck profile. Vintage style frets and 7.25" neck radius. the neck has been modified at the heel, was fitted to the guitar in 1995 and originally had a Stratocaster style headstock which was reshaped to tele style in the early 2000's by Mike with a period-correct Fender Telecaster logo. Impossible to verify but the neck was sold to Mike on the understanding that it was an original late 1960's Fender part. Note that Fender stratocaster necks have a round neck end whereas tele' have a square shape leading to the gap visible between the end of the neck and the pickguard on the guitar.

Ashtray style bridge fitted with LR Baggs graphite 'fat ass acoustic saddles' - these give an acoustic type sounds are wired to their own volume control and a stereo jack socket so the signal can be separated from the conventional magnetic pickup circuit.

Bridge pickup is a hand wound Kent Armstrong humbucker, made by Kent himself while he was still based in the UK.

Neck pickup is a Seymour Duncan Quarterpounder for Tele.

Parchment pick guard.

Gotoh machine heads.

Custom 'Sun Studios', 'Mike Ross Music' and 'black panther' decals.

The guitar has been extensively modified by Mike over the years of his ownership but it's always remained a well playing, versatile sounding instrument.